Automate with Python - Brooks Brainery Summer Program 2021

Brooks Brainery 's signature Summer Program offers courses ranging from STEM to Business, Law to Liberal Arts, and so much more, coming straight from TAs at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, University of Toronto, and a whole range of prestigious colleges. 

Enroll and engage in the most interesting summer of your lives with other ambitious and curious teenagers worldwide. Join our vibrant student community today and receive assistance towards your dreams every step of the way!

Biomedical Engineering - Brooks Brainery Summer Program 2021

About us

Course Instructors - Brooks Brainery Summer Program 2021

Brooks Brainery is an international student-led company with the mission to provide high-quality educational opportunities and resources at a substantially low cost. We are focused on creating a conducive environment for college preparation and applications, ensuring highly-skilled instructors.


Hands-on Learning

We believe in project-based learning as students get to fully immerse themselves in the course material

Wide Range of Courses

We offer a wide range of courses in hopes of catering to a diverse group of students to explore their interests

Our Community

We have regular workshops, panels, meet-ups available for high-schoolers to build their portfolio and reach their dream universities

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the Brooks Brainery Summer Program?

Brooks Brainery Summer Program runs for 4 weeks!

How many courses can I opt for?

You can opt for up to two courses since we’d like to give you the best possible chance to explore your interests but please make sure there are no scheduling conflicts. You can email us with any queries, we’re always there to help! 

How many hours per week would I have to contribute during the Summer Program?

A commitment of 2-3 hours (for one course) would be required to gain the most out of the experience. We’ll have optional weekly webinars as well that you can join at your convenience and interact with industry professionals. 

Can I switch my courses after the Summer Program has started?

Yes, of course! After your first class, if you feel like engineering is not for you, we completely understand. Email us at and we’ll assist you as best as we can.