5 Unique Careers in Psychology

January 14, 2022

  1. Sports Psychologist:

Sports psychologists help athletes deal with mental health issues like performance anxiety. They may also work as trainers, helping athletes to maximize their performance by conducting research to create a psychological profile of strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Educational Psychologist:

An educational psychologist’s role can be defined as something of a mix between that of a typical psychologist and a usual teacher.

  1. Pain Psychologist:

Pain psychologists help patients suffering from chronic pain deal with and recover from mental health issues that stem from their condition (e.g., insomnia, anxiety, depression).

  1. Research psychologist:

A research psychologist conducts experiments that further what we consider to be the baseline understanding of humans

  1. Pediatric psychologist:

Through psychotherapy and counseling, pediatric psychologists help assess and treat children with mental, emotional, and developmental problems. Issues range from autism to violent behaviour.