Brooks Brainery Summer program '22

Brooks Brainery is holding its second, one-of-a-kind summer program - designed specifically for ambitious high schoolers around the globe, offering diverse courses taught by TAs arriving directly from Harvard, NYU, Yale, Columbia, LSE (and more!)

This exclusively free-of-cost program enables students to take up to 2 academic courses over the summer in a facilitative environment for university and dreadful college applications. With elite private counselors and industry experts hosting panel discussions, college preparatory workshops, and personalized sessions, we have got covered for getting into your dream school. 

All of this combined helps you to work on yourself and real-world projects to challenge the status quo in high school coursework - an essential prerequisite in college.

Math & Science

Tech & Computer Science

Introduction to Java and the Problem-Solving Mindset

Tahira Grewal, Northwestern University 


Rajveer Singh Anand, University of Toronto


Law & Languages