Negotiation 101

About the Course 

Do you find yourself compromising on what you seek because you simply have no clue how to go about it? If yes, Negotiation 101 is just for you! Put plainly, negotiation translates to coming to a consensus. Today, we may find ourselves negotiating numerous times every week if not daily. Negotiation occurs every time two or more people are in a situation where their goals and interests differ. Ironically, most of us have the skills to negotiate as children. Kids are often highly skilled at satisfying their interests. However, as we get older our natural born negotiator gets crushed. We learn not to ask for things we want because we fear it will harm the relationship. The objective of this course is to learn to deal with the fears we have when going into a negotiation through an introduction to the basic elements (strategies and styles) of negotiation. Using lectures, role playing, and simulations Negotiation 101 will provide a number of situations for students to develop their skills and gain feedback.

Course Instructor

Yuvika Jain

Business Administration

Northeastern University